Saturday mornings we offer workshops with projects easily completed in a 2-hour session. No registration is required.

Our multi-sessions range from 2-4 workshops and allow you to go a little deeper into a project. Registration is required.

Cancer, courage and creativity is a 6-week session offered Spring and Fall for anyone who has heard the words "you have cancer," whether you're in treatment or 10 years out from your diagnosis. Registration is required. (Limit 8 people/session)

see the calendar on our home page for upcoming workshops.

All of our workshops are offered free of charge to anyone dealing with cancer, chronic illness, loss or their care takers! 


Our workshop experience is a little different than your average art class.  Living Art provides you an opportunity to:

  • tap into your creative ability and discover your inner artist

  • take a break from whatever is burdening you and experience some "you" time

  • express thoughts and feelings you might not express anywhere else

  • learn new art processes with a contemplative component that may help you make meaningful connections while you create

  • enjoy social connections with others experiencing difficult life challenges

Who leads the workshops?

All workshops are led by local artists who will guide you through each art project.  We provide an opportunity for you to  experience the healing power of creating, but we let you decide how you want to navigate that process.  Workshop facilitators are not art therapists.  Participants are free to express and create without facilitator interpretation.

How much do workshops cost? 

All workshops at Living Art are offered free of charge, but we gratefully accept donations.

Who can come?

You are welcome to attend our workshops if you have, or have had, cancer, are dealing with the ongoing effects of a chronic illness, are suffering from grief, or if you are a care taker for someone experiencing any of these challenges.  

Do I need to bring supplies?

Nope!  All supplies are provided.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothes you wouldn't mind getting paint on.  We do have aprons.

Will I take home some art?

Yes!  You will have a completed work of art at the end of each session or multi-session.  If you don't want to take it home, you are welcome to donate it to Living Art for display or fundraising opportunities. 

Now that you know what to expect, we hope you'll join us!  Still not sure?  Feel free to stop by our studio and we'll give you a tour!  Call us at 549-5329 with any questions. 

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"I look forward to this time all week. Knowing I can come here and make something new is what keeps me going."

Workshop participant

"When I'm here for these two hours I'm so focused on what we're doing that I don't think about anything else. All the troubles fade away for a while."

Workshop participant

"It is rare that an organization offers its service at no cost to the participant. I also love the camaraderie, support and inspiration from both staff and participants."

Tana Ostrowski, Workshop facilitator

"When illness strikes, it's a chaotic and confusing time. Living Art gave me the opportunity to dive into that chaos and pull out something concrete, whether it was a mask, a painting or a poem. That creative process was a lifeline that led me back to myself.

Workshop participant"

we hope you'll join us!