Saturday workshops feature writing or art projects easily completed in a 2-hour session.

No registration required.

Our multi-sessions range from 2-4 workshops and allow you to go a little deeper into a project. Registration is required.

Cancer, Courage and Creativity (CCC) is a 6-week session offered Spring and Fall for anyone who has heard the words "you have cancer," whether you're in treatment or 10 years out from your diagnosis. Registration is required. (Limit 8 people/session)

All of our workshops are offered free of charge to anyone dealing with cancer, chronic illness, or loss or — anyone providing care for someone who is experiencing these challenges.

To register for workshops, call us at 549-5329.


"I kept going to support groups because people kept saying I needed to. When people ask me about Living Art, I say I didn’t start healing until my first workshop and I didn’t know how broken I was." B., Workshop participant

“It’s nice for me to come to Living Art and be an artist, not a survivor. We spend all our time wondering if we’ll survive another day or year. It was such a relief to relax here. You can just be the regular person you were before the health hiccup happened.” S. M-K., Workshop participant

"It is rare that an organization offers its service at no cost to the participant. I also love the camaraderie, support and inspiration from both staff and participants." Tana Ostrowski, Workshop facilitator

"When illness strikes, it's a chaotic and confusing time. Living Art gave me the opportunity to dive into that chaos and pull out something concrete, whether it was a mask, a painting or a poem. That creative process was a lifeline that led me back to myself.” Workshop participant

“Over the years things can re-trigger your trauma. You feel alone in your head always thinking about cancer. Living Art is a break from that.” N.G.M., Workshop participant

“Living Art was the one place I felt I could come and show up just as I was.  It was safe. It took me out of my world where I was trapped in a body that was wrapped in pain." H.T., Workshop participant 

"My time at Living Art is such a small time compared to the rest of my life but it doesn’t feel like a little bit of time, it feels BIG—what it gives me feels big. It helps me remember who I am."  B.D., Workshop participant