we love our volunteers! Here are some ways you can plug in to the living art community:

  • facilitate a workshop or series of workshops

    Are you an artist? If you are interested in facilitating at Living Art, here are some things to consider.

    What you bring to our workshops:

    ·         An openness to connect with people in any range of physical, mental or emotional place.

    ·         The ability to flex in the moment for any of the above conditions.

    ·         Being well-versed in your art form/project.

    ·         The ability to adapt your energy level and balance enthusiasm – “meeting people where they’re at.”

    ·         The willingness not only to teach, but to support.

     Our support for you:

    ·         We can brainstorm project ideas.

    ·         We can help you gauge and modify projects for our participants, and we will purchase all needed supplies.

    ·         We provide a staff host for every workshop. The host is an extra set of helping hands, but most importantly is trained to help energetically and emotionally support the room.

  • volunteer to help at an event

    Do you enjoy the energy and excitement of working at an event or helping make centerpieces behind the scenes? Do you have a knack for collecting auction experiences or art work? Our big fundraiser, the Light Show, happens every May. We have dedicated volunteers that come back every year, but sometimes we need new folks in the mix too. If this is your thing, get in touch with us!

  • volunteer in the studio

    Do you enjoy sorting supplies or prepping art projects? From time to time we need folks to help us out. Give us a call and we’ll put you on our list of volunteers.

Give us a call at 549-5329 or email us at info@livingartofmontana.org

Volunteer collage 3.jpg

Cat Crowe sorting embroidery thread by color, Bev Glueckert facilitating a printmaking workshop at Living Art, and Cris Jardon & Eileen Rafferty working on centerpieces for the Light Show.