there are many ways to support living art

We are committed to offering our workshops free of charge.  Last year we provided 68 art workshops. 

Saturday workshops (1 session) cost $1230.

Multi-session workshops (3-4 week session) cost $3620

Cancer, Courage and Creativity workshops (6-week session) cost $7075

Chair Side projects at Community Cancer Care (9 week program) cost $8000

You can help! Donate now. Your donation will provide hope and healing to people dealing with cancer, chronic illness and loss.  

"One thing I look forward to is Living Art, its people and community, writing and art workshops. Hooray Living Art for helping to turn dark times into visions of light and hope!” Workshop participant


community partnership

We enjoy meaningful partnerships with other organizations in our community working to make a difference. If you'd like more information on becoming a Living Art partner, please contact us. 

Sponsor an event

Living Art holds several fundraising events each year, including Lunch with Living Art, Team Living Art at the Missoula Marathon and the Living Art Light Show.  We are grateful to our sponsors for making these events a success, and we enjoy highlighting their support in our community.  If you'd like to sponsor an event, please contact us. 

other ways to give

Other giving opportunities include writing a check toward our annual ask, monthly giving, bequests, stock transfers, supporting Living Art through Amazon Smile, donating supplies, facilitating workshops, etc.  We hope you'll choose one that's meaningful to you!