there are many ways to support living art!

We are committed to offering our workshops free of charge!  Last year we provided 68 art workshops. Our annual budget is $126,412.63.  

  • We know we’ve got a lean budget and we feel we can justify every penny it takes for Living Art to offer free workshops.

  • There’s nothing quick or easy about planning a Living Art workshop. Every part of every project has to be adaptable because we provide creative opportunities for a wide range of abilities. This means lots of experimenting with projects, supplies and tools to make sure everyone can experience a level of success in the workshop.

  • By design, facilitating a Living Art workshop is different than teaching a project. We’re holding a space where creative expression can happen. This requires combining materials, process and contemplative prompts in a way that sets the stage for a therapeutic experience.

Last year Living Art...

  • held 33 Saturday workshops, 6 multi-sessions, and 2 sessions of Cancer, Courage and Creativity for a total of 144 workshop hours.

  • did a new outreach program at Community Cancer Care and Prevention. This was a 9 week project doing chair side art with patients while they received chemotherapy. We'd like to offer this other places and do more of this kind of outreach!

  • saw a 57% increase in participants which includes a 14% increase in new participants.

  • saw a 72% increase in capacity in Saturday workshops.

"Living Art was the one place I felt I could come and show up just as I was.  It was safe. It took me out of my world where I was trapped in a body that was wrapped in pain." H.T., Workshop participant 

"My time at Living Art is such a small time compared to the rest of my life but it doesn’t feel like a little bit of time, it feels BIG—what it gives me feels big. It helps me remember who I am."  B.D., Workshop participant



community partnership

We enjoy meaningful partnerships with other organizations in our community working to make a difference. If you'd like more information on becoming a Living Art partner, please contact us.

Sponsor an event

Living Art holds several fundraising events each year, including Lunch with Living Art, Team Living Art at the Missoula Marathon and the Living Art Light Show. We are grateful to our sponsors for making these events a success, and we enjoy highlighting their support in our community. If you'd like to sponsor an event, please contact us.

other ways to give

Other giving opportunities include writing a check toward our annual ask, monthly giving, bequests, stock transfers, supporting Living Art through Amazon Smile, donating supplies, facilitating workshops, etc. We hope you'll choose one that's meaningful to you!