What is Cancer, Courage and Creativity?

CCC is offered each spring and fall in a 6 week workshop for adults 18+ who have, or have had, cancer. It is facilitated by Maribeth Rothwell and Tracy Pohndorf.

At Living Art we believe creativity is a resource found in everyone. Even if you’ve never thought of yourself as an artist, CCC provides a comforting, fun and engaging way to recapture what makes you feel most alive. This 6-session workshop introduces multiple art forms, including mask making and writing, as tools for self-exploration. Art or writing experience is not necessary! All materials are provided, including healthy snacks.

Why CCC?

CANCER - The immediacy and intensity of a cancer diagnosis is life changing. Cancer takes center stage and treatment can be exhausting. When you finish treatment, you enter a new world that can be hard and scary in its own way. There was a plan for treatment, but how do you navigate this uncharted territory?

COURAGE - If you’ve been through the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, you know the courage it can take to make it through a day. The same courage can also help you continue taking steps for healing. CCC is a circle of support for expression and connection for anyone who has heard the words “you have cancer,” whether you’re in treatment or 10 years out from your diagnosis.

CREATIVITY - CCC incorporates writing, collage, poetry and maskmaking into a six session workshop. You don’t need any art or writing experience. We’ll give you the prompts and walk you through the steps. It’s normal for feelings to pour out - art will do that - but nobody’s going to critique or analyze your work and the level of sharing is up to you.

Art is medicine for the human spirit. The creative process provides an opportunity for reflection; it can remind us who we are - separate - from what we are going through. Art can be a direct path to discovering, or rediscovering what makes us feel most alive. It can remind us of forgotten strengths and help us see new perspectives. Plus, making art can be relaxing and fun!

CCC Testimonials:

“The fact that you’re a cancer survivor means you’ll always be different. You’ve risen from the ashes but at the same time you feel alone in your head, always thinking about it. Living Art is a break from that.” Nancy, CCC participant

“My old life was gone, yet how would I connect with this ‘new life?’ This is the choice. You can continue to just slog through the days, trying to recapture the past or you can learn to create a different life…The Living Art experience offers a way beyond illness into that ‘Who am I really?’ question. This is very powerful because it takes you out of the anxiety of illness into the excitement of a whole inner realm just waiting to be explored.” Pamela, CCC participant

“In the class, we wrote in journals, composed poetry and did focusing and meditation exercises that combined to bring the jumble in my mind and heart to a place of inner peace. Fear and anxiety could not stay there. Sharing this with a small group of understanding people comforted some of the pain. “ Karen, CCC participant

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