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Vim&Vigr project

Last year VIM&VIGR invited us to collaborate on a sock design to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Funds were split between Living Art and breast cancer research. The project was such a success and so much fun, that we readily agreed to do it again. 

The art for this year's sock was created at Living Art in a workshop open to anyone with a cancer diagnosis.  Amy Coseo's art was chosen for this year's design and socks will go on sale in October 2018.  You’ll find info on our Facebook page as well as on Vim&Vigr’s website.

We want to thank Michelle, Kira, Lindsey and the rest of the Vim&Vigr crew for allowing us to be part of this meaningful project!  Not only does it help support workshops at Living Art, it also allows our participants who’ve experienced cancer to give back in a way that’s really special to them. 




Living Art is a place to create, share and heal. Our workshop experience is a little different than your average art class. Living Art provides an opportunity to:

  • tap into your creative ability and discover your inner artist

  • take a break from whatever is burdening you and experience some "you" time

  • express thoughts and feelings you might not express elsewhere

  • learn new art processes with contemplative components that help you make meaningful connections while you create

  • enjoy social interaction with others experiencing difficult life challenges




Upcoming Events



saturday Workshops

Saturday mornings we offer workshops with projects easily completed in a 2-hour session.  No registration is required. 



Our multi-sessions range from 2-4 workshops and allow you to go a little deeper into a project.  Registration is required. 


CANCER, Courage & creativity

This is a 6-week session offered Spring and Fall for anyone who has heard the words "you have cancer," whether you're in treatment or 10 years out from your diagnosis.  Registration is required.  (Limit 8 people/session)

When illness strikes it’s a chaotic and confusing time. Living Art gave me the opportunity to dive into that chaos and pull out something concrete, whether it was a mask, a painting or a poem. That creative process was a lifeline that led me back to myself.
— Workshop participant