Tracy is a Minnesota native who has always been attracted to the visual arts. After receiving her BFA, Tracy worked in production pottery in Winona, MN until the desire to make non-functional, large scale sculpture lured her west to get her MFA from Washington State University. A camping trip to Montana in 1994 ended up being permanent. Tracy has worked at Living Art of Montana since 2012. She is thrilled to have landed at an organization that values the inherent value of creating with your hands and recognizes the relief and insight that creativity can bring to one’s life.


Favorite way to relax:
  I love hiking, far away from cell service. National Parks are like sanctuaries for me.

Things I say:
  Do I have everything…do I have everything…do I have everything…yes I do!

Special skill: 
I’m told I’m a “super connector.”  I can analyze information and find meaningful connections.