Metal and rubber found objects

12.5×8.4.5 inches

Jack was born in Radford, VA raised on the beaches of Los Angeles, and, after living in various cities throughout the United States, he moved to Missoula in 1989, having finally found a place that he felt fostered a generative and original community of artists and thinkers. Boyd is motivated by the originality he felt so moved by upon moving to Missoula, developing a style that refrains from direct influence, permitting him to be more open, intuitive, even roving, while binding the ideas that emerge from a quiet, undiluted mind with the objects of the consumer world. His assemblage sculptures of revivified, often technological ephemera have recently trained their interest on manipulating the icons and tropes of the art of the American West. Jack’s work can be found in various establishments within Missoula, as well as in private collections throughout the country.

The creation of this particular sculpture was a spontaneous treasure hunt absent of any planning. I went out in the world free of expectation looking for anything and open to anything. In a sense the piece made itself right in front of my eyes! I feel so humbled and filled with gratitude when this happens. It is proof that I am on the right track, doing what it is that I am meant to do.

Other ideas are received in a pre-designed fashion (who or what is this mysterious designer) where I simply search out specific pre-ordained parts and assemble them.

I often find that observers of art are interested in the artist’s narrative, the meaning of the work produced. I hope my description of process will bring some satisfaction along these lines. For me the process is the meaning. The finished work has a life I can’t quite comprehend. For me to attempt a meaning would only be a distraction for the viewer, a hindrance to the truth, which is, what meaning is evoked for them?! My responsibility is to be quiet, expectantly receptive to numinous, ineffable experience, and then physically manifest what comes through. “The Future is Unknown” is a product of this process. Enjoy!

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