I was born, raised and educated here in Missoula.  I graduated from the U of M with degrees in Art and Home Economics with an emphasis in teaching and design. Now that I am retired I can often be found running with scissors, carrying a cup of tea and laboring over organizing the supply room at the ZACC. I am very fortunate to be a volunteer in the Living Art of Montana program. My time teaching and hosting these workshops has been life changing.  I have watched participants discover or rediscover their love of art. I have made new friends and I am surrounded by a group of strong, independent, witty and wise creative souls.  The Living Art workroom is a happy place. I teach there, hopefully, to inspire, challenge, and motivate participants to continue to create.  I hope to provide a laugh or smile and just provide a break in the day that is enjoyable.

Favorite quote: “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”  Linda Grayson