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Unique program

“It is a unique program that I believe in. Sharing in the creative process with such delightful people has been a highlight for me.” Bev Glueckert, artist

Bridge to creativity

“Living art offers a bridge to creativity. The workshops allow you to put everything else aside while you actively engage your ability to let go and express yourself using art.” L.Z., workshop participant

Camaraderie, support and inspiration

“It is rare that an organization offers its service at no cost to the participant. I also love the camaraderie, support and inspiration from both staff and participants.” Tana Ostrowski, artist

A Wish I Wish for All

“Living Art gave me a different perspective on my life, regarding my past, the present, my capabilities, weaknesses and talents.  This perspective provides hope, understanding, and compassion for myself and others, which is a wish I wish for all.”  P.B. workshop participant

Very Healing for Me

“Just being able to do ART – to learn new skills; all this gives me a sense of community and allows me to use my creative abilities to flow through my struggles instead of being drowned by them.  This has always been very healing for me.”  J.C., workshop participant

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