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Dog with Super Moon by Stephen and Bev Glueckert

Wood, wire, brass, found light, marbles, acrylic
20x17x5 inches

This participatory, collaborative mixed media piece was inspired by the recent Supermoon that appeared this past fall. It was delightful to experience that particular night sky and the accompanying increased illumination into our lives.

Stephen is an energetic sculptor and mixed media artist living in Missoula, MT. He received a BFA degree from University of Idaho and a Masters in Art education from Western Washington University. He has exhibited extensively in the region and beyond and currently has two exhibitions touring the state through MAGDA. Bev lives and works in Missoula. Her work has been widely exhibited throughout Montana and the Northwest region. She holds a BA degree from the University of Idaho and an MFA degree in printmaking from the University of Montana.

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Night’s Wing by Odette Grassi

Reduction relief print

13×13 inches

To me the figure is both an angelic form, with her wings, and also a human form, being held by the wings ~ showing only the main core of body…the heart space of both, or either, figure. For me the title, “Night’s Wing,” references that duality.

Odette Grassi is an Alaskan by birth but happy to have her heart firmly split with Montana. She is an active artist, teacher, and construction coordinator. Her educational background in all these fields gives added depth to each one. Odette has worked with Living Art in a variety of roles for the past twelve years and is currently the Program Coordinator.

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Peace Tree Series by Toby Tobias Hunter


27×21 inches

For me light reflects the feelings of peace in trees. This peace is then reflected to my heart within me.

Toby Tobias Hunter received her BFA from the University of Montana. A member of the Sandpiper Gallery in Polson, MT, she has also exhibited work at Salish Kootenai College and Red Poppy Gallery in Ronan, MT.

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Solo Sojourn by Linda Leslie

Oil on canvas

24x12x1.5 inches

Linda has been studying classical figurative painting for over four decades, and relocated to Missoula from Santa Fe, but also has roots in New York. She works with a limited palette and begins by working either from life, previous drawings, or memory, allowing the painting to direct her in its creation. She incorporates elements of contemplation, beauty, fantasy, and magic.

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Escalier by Katie Machain

Picture frame moulding

18.5x9x9 inches

The use of picture frames, which are meant to contain memories or sentimental objects, is a metaphor for human reflection on life experiences.

Katie Machain is a Missoula based artist who has been working as a framer for the Art Attic since 2014. Katie applied the design expertise of all the staff members at the Art Attic for the duration of the build. The Art Attic and Katie Machain have been separate supporters of the Light Show for several years. This is the first year of joining forces, with plans to collaborate in this way for many years to come.

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