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Kiss the Light by Marlo Crocifisso

mixed media and collage

20×16 inches

Marlo was born and raised in Helena, Montana. She received her BA in Fine Art from the University of Montana in 2006, with a main focus on studio art, photography, and ceramics. During her time at the University, she participated in a one-year study abroad in Malta at the University of Malta, where she studied Art History and various studio arts like printmaking and etching. In 2009 she moved back to Missoula and started painting on large scale canvas, beginning experiments with stencil-integrated, street-informed paintings. At this same time, Crocifisso started working for Monte Dolack as his personal picture framer. Carrying her skills obtained after six years framing at The Dolack, Marlo has embarked on her own adventure by opening Art Haus Fine Art Framing.

Kiss the light depicts the outer dwellings of giant show room buildings throughout the United States in a chopped up and rearranged, intricately woven collage. Combined with an original hand cut stencil overlaying the top, this piece was created as a reflection on the enormity of consumption and the usage of high fashion as its vehicle.

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Sailor by Paul Filicetti

Mixed media

25.5×11 inches

Paul, a Montana native, historic preservation architect, son, father, grandfather, and past artist contributor to the Light Show, explores Montana’s architecture and traditional cultural properties on weekends and restores those places that matter most in our lives during the week.

In the spirit of reflection, President Theodore Teddy Roosevelt, his era’s most influential naval strategist, added 16 battleships to the U.S. Navy to create his Great White Fleet which then circumnavigated the globe in 1907 as a show of U.S. pride and power. For the last 238 years, “the Navy is something to be aware of. Something to be thankful for. Something to be proud of.” While 70% of the earth is covered in water, 80% of the planet’s population lives within close proximity to coastal areas and 90% of global commerce is conducted by sea. The U.S. Navy consists of some 431,712 personnel and 430 ships, 274 of which are deployable. “Sailors are always there for our country…” and Sailor is there for you.

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Murmuration by Rowland Freeman

kiln-fired window glass with crushed glass pigment

24×24 inches

I made a series of panel like this after a triple bypass. This is the one I like the best.

Rowland was born on a Naval Air Station in 1948. He has worked with concrete most of his life, thinks that silica sand is one of the most interesting elements in the universe as well as the most common and he’s not done figuring out what to do with it.

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Flathead Lake by Teresa Garland Warner

Oil on board

12×16 inches

This scene captures the light and reflections of sunset on Flathead Lake from Wayfarers State Park. The solidity of land masses was painted in oil with the light effect in the sky and reflections on the water conveyed by transparent washes of oil similar to the technique frequently used in watercolor.

After balancing a medical practice and painting for 30 years, Teresa turned to art full time in 2009. Based in Missoula, she has shown in Dana Gallery, Radius Gallery, 4Ravens, Gallery 709, and Paws Up. Statewide, she has exhibited at the Missoula Art Museum, Yellowstone Art Museum, Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Hockaday Art Museum, and the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture, where she was invited to participate in the exhibition: Montana Women in the Visual Arts, 1860-2011.

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Is it Black or White? by Mo Gary

Porcelain with underglaze and birch branches
19x5x6 inches

We know light because of dark: the yin and the yang. The tree muse reflects on this paradox. She wonders if black and white can be separate entities when they cannot exist without the other. She is committed to growth.

Using my hands to create is who I am. I began exploring art initially with clay. Soon branches became baskets, the earth became gardens and paper filled with flower images. Nature has always been inspiration. I began to develop my skills through adult education classes in Missoula, basketry classes in Michigan and watercolor classes with Kendahl Jan Jubb. Beth Lo mentored me in exploring sculpture with clay at the University of Montana. Workshops at the Archie Bray Foundation and the Clay Studio of Missoula stimulated creativity. Through it all wherever I lived, gardens took form with bloom and food. I use my hands.

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