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Wolf Looking at it’s Reflection in a Pond by Eric Carlson

Acrylic on canvas

30×24 inches

Eric is an archaeological illustrator and artist whose work can be seen around town.

An extended moment of reflection at a pond in which one is confronted with the many facades we create for ourselves, the masks and skins we don both in public and private. Though these tricks are often just veneer, real change and empowerment can occur with a little courage, resulting in a more authentic human/animal.

Live auction item

Aurora Borealis IV by Nancy Seiler

by Nancy Seiler

Acrylic on canvas

30×30 inches

When I first saw the Northern lights, or aurora borealis, up Lolo Creek in 1989, I felt like I was being given an incredible gift. This painting came out of that memory. I envisioned the lights in the Mission Mountains with the light reflecting onto Flathead Lake.

Born in Akron, OH, Nancy Seiler received her Visual Communications degree from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1982. She is a Golden Artist Educator for Golden Artist Colors, teaching art workshops form her studio in Missoula, Montana and abroad. Seiler has exhibited her acrylic paintings and botanical illustrations since 2002. Find her work in Missoula at Montana Art and Framing/709 Gallery and in Whitefish at Frame of Reference Fine Art.

Live auction item

Lotus mask by Niraja GoLightly

Fall mask

Fall mask

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