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Circles and Mirrors by Ellen Pfalzgraff

Fine merino wools, mohair locks and embedded shisha mirrors, hand embroidered. The vessel becomes an optional luminaria when the LED puck light is illuminated.

6x8x3 inches

Ellen is a fiber artist with a focus on nuno, or laminated, felt. She produces wearables, wall hangings and paintings in felt. Her work has been shown in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom. She currently resides in Sandpoint, Idaho.

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Sepum Spurium by Stephanie Reinwald

block print on mulberry paper

18×24 inches

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Biosphere 3.1 by Stoney Sasser

Foam, string, acrylic paint, beads, sequins, aquarium

10.5x10x15 inches

>Biosphere 3.1 is a small world that works both in daylight and black light. The playfulness of the small world reflects to us our own delight, intrigue and playfulness. It also reflects on relation between human and our own biosphere leaving room for dynamic interpretation between viewer and the work.

Stoney Sasser investigates the interconnectedness of humans, plants, animals and the surrounding material culture of contemporary humans. These otherworldly landscapes, commonly featuring patterned fabric, glitter and fringe, are campy, playful prosthetics for nature’s creatures and plants. Stoney holds an MFA in Painting and Sculpture from Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois and was recently included in Fresh: New Master Artists at Contemporary Art Gallery, Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana. Stoney lives in Missoula, Montana.

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Arlee Evening by Karl Stein


17×13 inches

Karl lives in the beautiful Jocko Valley, near Arlee, Montana. He began oil painting when he was ten years old in Berkley, California. His first painting looks very much like the hills and mountains of Montana. He derives inspiration from his daily encounters with the natural world. He created a lamp for the first Light Show in 2005 and since that time he has created many “light sculptures” which have been enthusiastically received.

Karl received an art degree from the University of Montana. He is an award winner in the Montana Watercolor Society national competition. His work is shown at the Hangin Art Gallery in Arlee, Montana. Karl is a member of the Killdeer Artisans Guild.

In addition to his painting and sculpture work Karl is known for his records in the Grizzly Hall of Fame and his fabulous chocolate cookies.

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Backwards and Wrinkled by Patricia Thornton

silkscreen collage and mono-print

11×14 inches

During last year’s “interesting” political events I made a series of screen printed, collaged
prayer flags. They were intended to bring people with differences of opinion together. Post election I was feeling frustrated. I feel as though our country is headed in the wrong direction, going backwards. I also feel that this is just a wrinkle in America’s time line and that, in time, Americans will see the light.

Art is the instrument through which Patricia’s ideas, life stories, and observations take form. She works with a wide range of two-dimensional media, including installation, painting, drawing, printmaking, collage and photography depending on the needs of the piece. Her approach to making art is process based, experimental, and playful. While working and creating iconography Patricia confronts how things should be made, what she believes in and why. She enjoys scribbling, scratching, and erasing as well as allowing delicately rendered lines and shapes as they come.

Patricia is currently the Zootown Art Centerís Adult Program Director & Printshop Manager, and maintains Thornton Studios with her husband Tim.

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