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Fall Mask

Air-Breath by Niraja GoLightly

Jack Shifflett

Jack Shifflett is originally from Buffalo, New York. He was a “Writer in Residence” at the Just Buffalo Literary Center and received a Poetry Fellowship from the New York State Council on the Arts; he led writing workshops for the Mental Health Association and at the Education Intervention Program (at Buffalo State College), among other places. He has lived in Missoula since 2003 and is currently Programs Coordinator for NAMI Missoula.

Special skill: Oddly, I have no special talent; but the ordinary talents I have seem to be sufficient

Why do you volunteer at Living Art? I love working with small groups and helping people express themselves through writing.

Favorite quote: “Beauty will save the world.” Dostoevsky


“Everything I make here is a memento of spending time with this amazing group. I look at my work and I remember the challenges, the mistakes, and all of the laughs we had while we were creating.” S.L., workshop participant

Strong, independent, witty and wise

My time teaching and hosting these workshops has been life changing. I have watched participants discover or rediscover their love of art. I have made new friends and I am surrounded by a group of strong, independent, witty and wise, creative souls. The Living Art workroom is a happy place! Loretta Vizzutti, artist

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