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Heather Sundheim

Executive Director

I’m a native Montanan with a degree in Communication Studies from the University of Montana.  I’ve enjoyed working in the non-profit world, as well as the brink gallery here in Missoula for the last several years and I’m thrilled to be the ED at Living Art.

Things I say: Oh my word!/OMW!

Skills: writer, lost item finder, uncanny knack for remembering people’s names whom I’ve only met once, gift-giving – I buy Christmas and birthday gifts year-round

I love: Sci-fi, LEGOs, reading, hiking the ‘M’ with my kids, and travel

Heather’s e-mail

Beth Ferris, Ex officio, co-founder

Beth has an MFA in poetry and studied at Stanford University, Warren Wilson College and the University of Montana. She co-founded, Living Art of Montana in 1993. During the past twenty years she’s worked with people who were ill or in various states of illness and loss. The study of arts in healthcare, the need for community and the ability of the arts to build connection are all part of her work. She says, “My greatest interest intellectually and spiritually is the use of my skills to bring compassion to the forefront of our actions toward those who are ‘other,’ or outcasts in our busy culture.”

Youpa Stein, Ex officio, co-founder

Youpa is a native Montanan. She has a BFA in acting and directing from the University of Montana and she graduated with an MA in Psychology and Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies.  She is a Registered Drama Therapist. In 1993 Youpa co-founded Living Art of Montana, where she has facilitated workshops for 22 years exploring the arts to enhance aliveness and support resilience.  She has worked primarily with people dealing with illness and loss. Youpa has also served as a Montana Arts Council board member since 2005.

Patrick Quinn

I am a Montana native, the ninth of eight children, and currently a staff attorney with the child support enforcement division of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services and am the chair of the Dispute Resolution committee of the State Bar of Montana.  I graduated from the University of Montana – Missoula in 1986 and obtained a Juris Doctorate along with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration in 1998.

  Social justice

Special skill:
 I can swim a crazy distance under water.

Favorite quote:
  “If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well
It were done quickly.” Macbeth by Shakespeare

Jenny Parker

Jenny has a fine arts degree from the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, where she earned her BFA in textiles. She’s married to Andrew and has one, sweet, funny daughter, Jo-Jo.


decluttering, landscaping, meatballs and costuming

cleaning, running, thrift shopping…I don’t know…I don’t like relaxing. It stresses me out.

Passionate about:
art and design, science and rational thought, sunscreen – yes, shorts – no, vintage coats – yes! Strong coffee, beer and privacy please!

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