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Bev Glueckert

Bev lives and works in Missoula.  She has been an art instructor and workshop facilitator for adults and children for 30 years. Bev has served as adjunct faculty in drawing and printmaking at The University of Montana and The University of Great Falls. Bev is a member of the SALTMINE artists group.  Her work has been widely exhibited throughout Montana and the Northwest region, as well as nationally.  She holds a BA degree from the University of Idaho and a MFA degree in printmaking from the University of Montana.  She is currently working towards an exhibition at APEX Gallery in Rapid City, SD.


Special talent:
  I’ve run 4 marathons and 3 half-marathons

Favorite saying:
Onward and forward!

Why do you volunteer at Living Art?
  It is a unique program that I believe in. Sharing in the creative process with such delightful people has been a highlight for me.


Beth Jaffe

Though Beth has spent a lot of her time being a mother for 3 or 4 boys and all their friends, an activist, and a web developer, her favorite past-time remains expressing her creative impulses. In serving on the Living Art board for four years, Beth worked to spread the joy, strengthen the hope and nourish the dreams of our vibrant Missoula community. As a facilitator for our Saturday program, she loves watching the magic of Living Art in action.

Favorite quote: “Laughter is our consolation prize for consciousness.” – Louise Erdrich
Beth’s website

Heather Schwartz

Program Assistant

I’m a creative individual who loves connecting with people, nature and animals.  I studied painting, poetry and contemporary art.  I like to think I have a good sense of humor.  I love to travel and explore.

Hidden talent: I can recognize actors and actresses from the smallest roles even if they’ve only been in commercials.

Things I say: “Hit the nail on the hammer,” “The whole ten yards,” and “Kill a bird with two stones.”

Skills: Painter and idiom mixer-upper

Heather Schwartz’s e-mail

Odette Grassi

Program Coordinator

Odette is an Alaskan by birth but happy to have her heart firmly split with Montana. She is an active artist, teacher, and construction coordinator. Her educational background in all these fields gives added depth to each one. She has worked with Living Art of Montana in a variety of roles for over ten years and looks forward to continuing for another ten.

Hidden talent:  I can handle a dog sled team

Special skill:  Organizing.  Although at times people might doubt that…

Favorite meme:  It’s not really hoarding when it’s cool stuff!

Odette’s e-mail

Tracy Pohndorf

Program Director

A Minnesota native, she earned a BFA, & worked in production pottery until the desire to make non-functional, large scale sculpture lured her west to get her MFA at WA State University. At Living Art since 2012, she says, “I’m thrilled to work at an organization that believes in the inherent value of creating with your hands and recognizes the relief and insight that creativity can bring to one’s life.”

Favorite way to relax: Hiking far away from cell service. National Parks are like sanctuaries for me.

Things I say:  Do I have everything…do I have everything…do I have everything…yes I do!

Superpower:  I’m told I’m a “super connector.”  I analyze info & find meaningful connections.

Tracy’s e-mail

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