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Before and After

Before the workshop: “I didn’t want to come in today. I don’t feel well, I’m tired, and it was really hard to get here.”

After the workshop: “Isn’t it funny, I feel so much better now?!” Creativity for life participant

Exploring and Unlocking New Windows

“Living Art, for me, is exploring and unlocking new windows and doors into and out of my own world, with the caring help and assistance of individuals, activities, and interactions with others, who are also seeking connection and understanding within themselves and/or among others.” P.B., workshop participant

Turn dark times into visions of light and hope

“I found out 24 hours ago that I have metastatic liver cancer in both lungs, following a liver transplant 4 months ago for liver cancer. I have so many doctor’s appointments. One thing I look forward to is Living Art, its people and community, and writing and art workshops. Hooray Living Art for helping to turn dark times into visions of light and hope!” A.P., workshop participant

I did that?

“The art activities surprise me each and every time: I can do this! I did that? Look what others can do!” P.B., workshop participant

This place saved my sanity!

“This place saved my sanity! Being able to meet others who’ve been through very challenging times, helps me to not feel so isolated. I enjoy some very good conversation and someone always has a story or solution to suggest that helps.”  J.C., workshop participant

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