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Shelli Kenworthy – Secretary

Shelli was born here at St Pat’s and followed a winding path to a History degree from BYU.  She began her career in the Hematology-Oncology department of UCSF focusing on end-of-life care, has led art and history educational tours to Europe as a homeschool mother of five boys, and is currently an art curator of various mediums including pieces acquired from Haleiwa, San Francisco, Paris, and Missoula.  She has served on the board since 2015.

Favorite way to relax:  On a beach in the sun with a book

Passionate about: Teaching – especially children

Favorite saying:  I’m domestic. I live in a house!

Ron Hooper – Chair

Born & raised in Toledo, Ohio, Ron completed his undergraduate work at the University of Utah and pursued graduate studies at the University of California, Chico.  During Ron’s 41-year career with the Forest Service he lived in California, Washington D.C., Wisconsin and New Mexico.  Ron currently serves as CEO of Neptune Aviation Services. He and his wife Vickie love to visit their 6 children and 15 grandchildren in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arizona, and California.

I love:
 Public speaking

Things I say:
 When I try to say “okay” it comes out “mmmgay.”

Favorite quote:
“There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve by ourselves.” L.B. Johnson

Karen Neel – Treasurer

Karen is a recently retired CPA from Boyle, Deveny & Meyer.  Raised on Long Island, NY and in the Adirondack Mountains, she went on to receive a BS in Forest Biology at SUNY Syracuse in ’78 and a Masters in Accountancy from the U of M in ’94.   Between those two degrees she worked on Forest Service field crews and desk jobs at St. Patrick Hospital and Food Services of America.  She’s served on the boards of Garden City Harvest and Watson Children’s Shelter.

Special skill:
  I can write upside down and backward when explaining things to my clients.

  Living Art – of course, but also my garden and learning free motion quilting.

Favorite saying: 
It’s all downhill except for where it’s up (like when you’re hiking or biking)!

A Safe, Quiet Place

“Women in different stages of their cancer journey keep coming back to LA over and over for their creative nourishment.  Some of the participants while involved with LA have their cancer journey take a dramatic turn towards end of life.  Instead of dropping out or giving up they show up to LA and want to be creative and make art with the precious energy they have.  The destination in front of them is uncertain, coming to LA however they know exactly what they will find.  They find a loving nurturing, place that will hold them up to create whatever they want to.  They will be met by the most amazing staff who knows their story and supports them totally in their need to have a safe, quiet place to just be their artist self.

In the time that is left for them they are sharing their remarkable journey and process with LA. Their gift of time that they give us helps to shine a light on the process of someone who will die from their cancer.  This gift helps us to know how we can continue to hold up and support people affected by cancer creatively…with paper and glitter, shiny things, a hug, mostly with our respect for their creative life journey.  Thank you for all the ways you hold Living Art up.” S.M-K., workshop participant

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