Creativity for Life

Make your own Day of the Dead shrines. This Creativity for Life workshop is open to anyone facing illness or loss includ...

Creativity for Life

Holiday bottle glass etching with Odette Grassi. For people facing illness or loss including care providers and family m...

Mask-Making Workshop

"My Own True Face" Three-Week Mask-Making Workshop for anyone facing illness or loss. Register by November 7.

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A very big Thanks to
Community Medical Center and 
Neptune Aviation for sponsoring 
Living Art as a Community Partner!

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Living Art of Montana uses the arts and nature to support healing by offering art and writing workshops for people dealing with illness and loss.

Because so many participants carry heavy financial burdens due to illness or loss, Living Art is committed to making our in-house service programs free of charge.

Your donations make this possible.  Thank you for your support. 


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